Asymmetrical Cyclic ON/OFF Timer, 6 Time Ranges [800XC]

Output Contact 2 C/O (DPDT)
Operating Modes Asymmetrical Cyclic ON first or OFF first
Accuracy Setting:±0.1 of set time or ±50 m sec (whichever is greater) For Y contact operation: + 100 m sec, Repeat: ± 0.1%
Range 1/10/sec/min/hr for both ON & OFF time
Supply Voltage 20 to 240V AC , 12 to 240V DC
Size 22.5 mm
Mounting Type DIN rail mount
Certification CE

Product CodeSupply VoltageCertification
800XC-CE20 to 240V AC , 12 to 240V DCCE
800XC20 to 240V AC , 12 to 240V DC--

800XC Datasheet

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