Advanced PID Controller, Size : 48 x 48mm [PID500]

Display Type 7 Segment LED Dual Display
Display Configuration 4+4 Digits
Type of Inputs Thermocouple: J, K, T, R, S, C,E, B, N, L, U, W, Platinel II. RTD: PT100, Signal Inputs: (DC) -5 to 56mV, 0 to 10V, 0 to 20mA (Selectable)
Resolution TC / RTD : 1/ 0.1 Analog input : 1 /0.1/ 0.01/ 0.001
Accuracy For TC (J, K, T) inputs: 0.25% of F.S. ±1 For R & S inputs: 0.5% of F.S. ±2 (20min of warm up time) For RTD inputs: 0.1% of F.S ±1
Control Output Relay or SSR or Current : 4 to 20mA DC (max load 500E) or Voltage :0 to 10V DC(min load 10K)
Auxiliary Output Relay
Control Mode Autotune PID / ON-OFF
Feature Extra Alarm Output, Retransmission Output
RS485 MODBUS Communication (optional)
Supply Voltage 90 to 270 V AC / DC
Size 48 x 48mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Certification CE

Product CodeOutput1Output2Output3Supply VoltageCertification
Relay/SSRCommunication (RS485)
PID500-2-0-01 V2-CE4-20mARelayRelay--90 to 270V AC/DCCE
PID500-1-0-01 V2-CE12VDC SSRRelayRelay--90 to 270V AC/DCCE
PID500-3-0-00 V2-CE0-10VRelayNA--90 to 270V AC/DCCE
PID500-0-0-01 V2-CE RelayRelayRelay--90 to 270V AC/DCCE
PID500-0-0-04 V2-CERelayRelayRelayYes90 to 270V AC/DCCE
PID500-2-0-04 V2-CE4-20mARelayRelayYes90 to 270V AC/DCCE

PID500 Datasheet

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